The Credit Union AGM is being held this year at

The Moorings HotelMotherwell on Thursday 28th March@7pm

All Members Welcome!


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(Please note that the system is not yet fully active and is in the final stages of development.  At present you can register and activate your account provided the details entered match those held by the credit union i.e. same mobile number and email address.  Once registered you can view your accounts online. )


We’re better off together. Join us and help build a stronger community and a better future

Motherwell and District Credit Union offers high quality, low cost, ethical financial services to people living or working in the Motherwell area. We offer affordable loans (much more affordable than the payday loan companies) as well as offering competitive rates on savings. 

We are a financial co-operative staffed by community volunteers. Our Credit Union is owned and controlled by our members and any profits earned are used to grow the business or passed back to the members themselves. Wherever possible we try to assist those who are struggling to make ends meet, helping get them back to financial good health.

Using the Credit Union couldn’t be easier. You can save as much or as little as you like. After a short while members become eligible to take out loans based on what they have saved, and as we are a ‘non-profit’ organisation our rates are very competitive with banks and MUCH lower than the payday loan companies we urge people to avoid if at all possible.

We believe that we’re much better off working together. Why not join us and work with your community to build a better future?


Low Cost Personal Loans

Unlike with most banks, our loans have no hidden charges or penalties for early repayment. Members up to 80 years old get free life insurance too.

Need a Loan?

Great Savings Rates

Save as much or as little as you like. With very competitive rates and free life insurance on savings, the Credit Union is a brilliant alternative to High Street banks.

Save with us

A Stronger Community

We're run by the community for the community. Our profits go to our members and stay in our community, helping to give our members a better future. 

Join our community

We’re working together for a better future – why not join us? Call 01698 266 433 to find out more.

We are aware of the damage that Pay Day loan companies and doorstep lenders can do to people in our community and we urge people in Motherwell to get involved with our Credit Union. Step by step, we'll find a way to a secure financial future.

Joining is easy, we're friendly, approachable and we're never judgemental. We're here to help each other and our range of services is excellent, easily as good, if not better than you'll get from a High Street bank.

Why not join us? You've got absolutely nothing to lose and a lot to gain. Call us on the number above or visit our office in Merry Street, Motherwell.

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